We offer a wide range of products to help you get the job done right.


Whether you have a 20,000 sq. ft building or a 200,000 sq ft area you need to scrub clean of daily spills and traffic PowerBoss’ extensive line of walk-behind and rider scrubbers will leave your floor spotless. These impressive machines come in varieties of cylindrical and disc brushes to match your cleaning needs.


A cleanly swept floor can be the x factor in your business’s performance. Keep your warehouse free of debris and dust and keep your biggest clients impressed with cleanliness. Our sweepers, like our scrubbers, come in a wide variety to meet your area specifications and are easy to use. We offer both walk behind and rider sweepers to conquer to floor.

Combination Machines

Sweeping and scrubbing your floor has never been so easy and efficient. Take advantage of our combination machines that will both sweep and scrub clean your rugged floor of everything. These powerful rider machines come in four respectable series: Admiral, Commander Core and Monitor. These machines stand at the top of their class and won’t be backing down anytime soon.


Along with our extensive line of industrial floor cleaning equipment we provide the cleaning supplies that your machine needs. Our Power Green Environmental Degreaser is available for all of Powerboss’s scrubbers and will get the job done while being environmentally safe. Ask us about which washing solution best suits your needs.