Freezer Locker Cleaner

Freezer Locker Cleaner
-Propylene glycol based cleaner.

- No flash point/ non-flammable

- Clear color, mild odor

- Meets USDA performance standards

- Is a liquid alkaline cleaner formulated for use in cleaning areas that have low temperatures (32°F or lower) and regular or standard detergents do not work.
Freezer Cleaner
- Methanol based cleaner

- Economical

- Use in autoscrubbers ( in sub-zero temps only)

- Red color, mild odor

- A highly effective and powerful cleaner, designed to be used in walk-in freezers and any cold storage areas. It will clean very well without dilution under sub-zero temperatures. Potable water rinse is not required and the used cleaning solution can be removed by wiping or mopping. A wet vacuum or automatic scrubber can also be used under sub-zero temperatures.