Monitor 90

Monitor 90
-53 HP with a 48" sweep path and optional 60" side brush, 48" scrubbing path. A 5 cubic foot hopper and 100 gallon solution tank.

- Pre-sweep and aggressively scrub at the same time.

- All-steel constructed and the large poly tanks are rust-free and easy to fill and clean out.

- Compact size provides for excellent maneuverability when working in congested high-traffic areas.

- Premium quality components thoughout means less service and replacement.

- Direct-throw cylindrical sweeper/scrubber brush provides aggressive scrubbing and debris pick-up as it controls dust with wet sweeping.

- Automatic lift-in-reverse mechanism protects the squeegee assembly when backing up.

- Easy access doors and no-tool quick change broom, brushes and squeeghees make daily maintenance simpla and fast.

- Automatic brush and water shut-off in neutral to save energy and water.