Commander C90

Commander C90
- 77,500 square feet per hour with a 54 inch broom with a 6 cubic foot hopper..

- 54 inch sweep and 42" scrub paths

- Unitized all-steel construction with power steering through rear tire and equipt with head, tail and instrument lights.

- Hydraullically powered impeller provides excellent water pick up.

- Heavy-duty four cylinder engine and heavy-duty air cleaner.

- Large capacity 68 gallon solution tank, 65 gallon recovery tank.

- Automatic solution fill with full tank shutoff valve.

- No tools required for removal of squeegee.

- 44" parabolic squeegee, quick change.

- Industrial smooth-ride tires for traction and reliability.

- Cylindrical Sweeping brush.

- Three rotary 14" quick change brushes forscrubbing.

- Deluxe seat with arm rest.

- Manual lift-out dump hopper.

- Gasoline, diesel or LP powered.