Heavy-Duty Degreaser
Heavy-duty low-foaming degreaser formulated to attack grease and grime. Recommended for cleaning concrete floors and other areas where heavy duty degreasing is required. more
Citrus Degreaser
A concentrated, multi-use cleaner/degreaser formulated with natural d-limonene (citus solvent) used to effectively clean dirt and oils from a variety of surfaces. Use on concrete floors, walls, cabinets, equipment and a variety of other surfaces. more
Power Green
A powerful detergent cleaner formulated to provide powerful degreasing and still be safe for the use and the environment. Power Green can be used in light and medium duty industrial enviornments. Use on all type of industrial floors, including: concrete, ceramic tiles, epoxy or painted floors. great for warehouses, machine shops, manufacturing facilities or any industrial and institutional facilities. more
Tire Mark Remover
A heavy-duty solvent cleaner formulated with 70% natural d-limonene (citrus solvent). Use to remove rubber tire marks from concrete floors. It can also be used to remove tar, asphalt, grases, oily soils. cut-back adhesive, gum, etc. from a varity of surfaces. more
Freezer Locker Cleaner
A highly effective and powerful cleaner, designed to be used in walk-in freezers and any cold storage areas. It will clean very well without dilution under sub-zero temperatures. Potable water rinse is not required and the used cleaning solution can be removed by wiping or mopping. A wet vacuum or automatic scrubber can also be used under sub zero temperatures only. more
Rapid Station
Fills autoscrubbers and mop buckets 2-4 times faster than conventional dispensing equipments at 12 gallons per minute. more