Armadillo 9X & 9XR

Armadillo 9X & 9XR
- 184,800 square feet per hour with a 62" sweeping path and a 22 cubic foot high-dump hopper.

- Battery, gasoline, diesel of LP powered.

- This machine is a truly re-buildable sweeper, much like many forklift trucks. This means a longer life than most conventional sweepers.

- Massive, unitized steel frame that rides on oversided soft-ride tires.

- PowerClimb™ for all-terrain access and Powerflex™ automotive-type suspension on rear wheel(optional on some models).

- Industrial liquid-cooled engine, heavy-duty radiator and Tri-phase air cleaner. Powerswing™ engine access for ease of maintenance.

- Direct throw sweeping method with an oversized hopper with Rotary Trash Relocation (RTR).

- Quick-change, floating main & retractable side brooms.

- Dual-performance sweep mode and multi-level high dump.

- PowerSwingTM - a patented system that allows you to rotate the engine out of the body of the sweeper for bench-like maintenance access to all parts, optional on the 9XR

- PowerClimbTM - with oversized tires and extra ground clearance you can easily negotiate rough terrain and speed bumps; even climb sidewalk curbs

- PowerFlexTM - automotive-type rear wheel suspension that minimizes vibration for operator comfort and longer machine life. Standard on 10XV; optional for 9Xv model.