Apex 58

Apex 58
- Option of gas, Lpg, diesel or battery power. As a result all types of indoor and outdoor sweeping jobs are possible.

- Gas and diesel verisons have powerful and consequently quieter 2- cylinder motors- the diesel version is water-cooled.

- There powerful drives give excellent climbing ability- to pe precise, 18% for the gas diesel and battery versions.

- Capable of run times up to 5 hours for the battery veirson or 10 hours for gas, Lpg and diesel versions.

- Easy accessible high performance cassette style filter system with a filter surface area of 54 sq. ft. ensures clean exhaust air.

- Seating designed to ensure that even long shifts do not result in operator fatigue.

- Large wheels can even mount curbs effortlessly and ensure increades driver comfort on uneven surfaces.

- The large coarse dirt flap, operated from the driver's seat, allows even large items such as stones, or pieces of wood to be picked up.

- Once the 34 gallon dirt hopper is full, the 60" high-dump hopper makes for easy emptying into larger containers.

- Easily accessible high performance filter system ensures clean exhaust air.

- Change-out of main sweeping brush requires no tools and is quick and simple.