Collector 35

Collector 35
- Compact, easy to maneuver and dependable.

- Sweeps up to 45,000 sq. ft. per hour and can easily climb grades of 20%

- Chain-driven through the rear with an automotive-type differential allowing power forward and manual reverse.

- Anti-shock structure minimizes vibration from engine and terrain.

- Retractable side brush sweeps dust out from corners and from under edges.

- Dust is controlled by its unique vacuum-effect and 43 sq.ft dust filters.

- Dirt is swept into the path of wide main broom which sweeps it into the 2.5 cu ft. hopper.

- Easy access to service on filters, batteries, brakers, main motor, side broom and main broom.

- The large capacity hopper means less emptying and is easy to empty by the way of the pull out handle.

- The Side brush throws debris into the path of the main broom. It is excellent along curbs, skids and racks.