Collector 34

Collector 34
- Excellent sweeping performance on all types of floors including carpet and hard floors.

- Extremely economical, easy to operate and gives you dust-free sweeping with a high efficiency dust filter system at 36,000 actual square feet per hour.

- 18.3 cu ft panel filter system captures fine dust allowing for a dust-free sweeping.

- The dust vacuum suction can be shut off when sweeping wet areas so the filter wont be damaged or clogged.

-A heavy-duty ABS cover opens wide for easy access to interior components, which also has an automatic shut-off for saftey.

- The large capacity hopper recovers a large variety of debris and can be filled to 100% capacity due to the overthrow sweeping method. It can be easily emptied using the two ergonomic handy hopper inserts.

- Easy access for service is made possible by simply liting up the cover to access the batteries and engine for service and maintenance.